Your Ancestors Probably Played These 20 Awkward Party Games

By Shannon Quinn

Years before we had TV, portable music players, and board games, people needed to entertain themselves at parties with more than just drinks and conversations. Some of the games they came up with would be genuinely fun to play with friends, even today. Others are so awkward, we have to wonder what they were thinking.

Veggies of all shapes and sizes were needed to play “vegetable hop”. Credit: Burst by Shopify

20. “Vegetable Hop” was harder than it sounds.

Before the party begins, the host of the early 1900’s game “vegetable hop” had to scatter various vegetables around their backyard. Small, medium, and large vegetables are worth 5, 10, and 20 pounds, respectively. Each player has to grab as many vegetables as they can carry, and hop on one foot back to the finish line. If they drop the vegetables, they have to start all over again. Whoever has the most veggies with the highest points at the end is the winner.