The Man In Black, Johnny Cash, Uncovered in these Little Known Facts

By Trista

Johnny Cash was a singer whose career spanned decades. Many people found his deep baritone voice to be soothing, and his folksy style set him apart from pop music trends throughout the second half of the twentieth century. He walked the line when it came to being a reckless badass and a heartless romantic. He went from serving time at Folsom Prison to recording a legendary album in the same slammer as a superstar country singer. Keep reading to learn more about this iconic figure of pure Americana.


Johnny Cash. Joel Baldwin/LOOK April 29, 1969. p.74/Wikimedia Commons.

30. Johnny Cash Was Born in 1932

Born in Kingsland, Arkansas, he was the fourth of seven children of Ray Cash and Carrie Cloveree. His given name at birth was J.R. Cash. He changed his name to John R. Cash when he joined the military because he was not permitted to use initials. He later began going by Johnny.