Ten Amazing Facts About Frederick the Great of Prussia

Frederick the Great was one of the most brilliant monarchs in German history. He was king of Prussia in the eighteenth century and he was a brilliant reformer, statesman and administrator. However, he is best known as a great military leader. He was able to expand his kingdom at the expenses of his neighbours and he was to turn Prussia into a major European power. It was under him that the Prussian army became one of the best in Europe. His army was able to inflict major defeats on the French, Austrians and Russians.  The victories served to increase his reputation and many came to call him a genius. Frederick was unusually for a soldier and king a very cultured man and renowned for his wit.

However, during the Seven Years War he and his kingdom came close to defeat. Frederick was only saved by the coronation of a new Tsar who was an admirer of Frederick.  After the end of the Seven Year’s War, Prussia was to emerge as a real European power and Frederick was revered as one of the most brilliant men of his times. Since that time he has had many admirers and Hitler, in particular admired him and even kept a picture of him in his private rooms at the ‘Wolf’s Lair’ or his headquarters.

Here are then things that you may not know about Frederick the Great.