Early Couples Were Told To Follow These 11 Rules After Marriage

By Shannon Quinn

When Christianity took over the Pagan belief system, rules about sex became far stricter than they had ever been before. For centuries, the rules of Christianity were so ingrained into Western society that they were practically the law. The Church believed that lust was one of the worst sins of humanity, and it needed to be kept under control if there was any hope for a peaceful society. However, some of these rules are more than a little bit ridiculous by today’s standards.

Never Experiment in the Bedroom

It should go without saying that sex before marriage was considered to be so horrible, it could send you to Hell. Even to this day, white wedding dresses are supposed to represent the purity of a virgin bride. But in Medieval times, there was a saying that a married couple were never truly alone in their bed, and that the Holy Spirit was looming over them. God would know if you did anything other than what was necessary for making babies, so it’s best not to tempt fate and your spot in line at the Pearly Gates.

There was a misconception that if people have sex standing up, they can’t get pregnant. So doing that was strictly against the rules. Any other type of sex- oral, anal, or anything that might not result in making a baby were all considered to be far too lustfully indulgent to be acceptable. The one and only acceptable position was the “missionary”, with a woman lying on her back, and the husband on top.