Beautiful Vintage Photographs of Love in Wartime

In wartime, it is easy to only see the bad in the world: violence, death, suffering, division, pain, and loss. These may be overwhelming. It may be hard to see anything but horror as if all the love has vanished from the world.

It is important to remember that despite the worst that befalls man, there is always love. There is always hope. Always something to fight for. Something to return home to.

A British soldier kisses his wife on his return from serving in the Armed Forces, 1945. boredpanda
A British soldier whispers into the ear of a loved one as he leaves for The Front, 1939. boredpanda
A couple in Penn Station sharing a goodbye kiss before his heads off to War, 1943. boredpanda
A farewell to departing troops at New York’s Penn Station, April 1943. boredpanda
A GI and his girlfriend walk arm-in-arm among the sheep in Kensington Gardens, London, 1945. boredpanda
A GI leaning out of the window of the train Los Angeles as he departs for the Korean War, September 6, 1950. boredpanda
A girl climbs to say goodbye to a soldier going off to fight in World War II, 1940. boredpanda
A sad farewell to departing troops at New York’s Penn Station, April 1943. boredpanda
A sad farewell to the departing troops at New York’s Penn Station, April 1943. boredpanda
A sailor kissing a nurse in New York’s Times Square. This iconic photograph symbolizes the end of World War II, 1945. boredpanda
A sailor leans over a picket fence and lifts his girlfriend up for a kiss, 1945. boredpanda
A soldier comes home from war, 1940s. boredpanda
A US Soldier giving a Japanese girl a bicycle ride, with handlebar riding forbidden, 1946, Japan. boredpanda
A woman leans over the railing to kiss a British Soldier returning from World War II, London, 1940. boredpanda
A young woman lifts her feet while embracing and kissing a uniformed US Soldier at the New Hope Train Station. Connecticut, 1945. boredpanda
A young woman on roller skates with her uniformed squeeze, 1940. boredpanda
American soldiers getting one last kiss through the windows of the ship before being deployed to Egypt, 1963. boredpanda
An American soldier kissing his English girlfriend on the grass in Hyde Park, London, 1945. boredpanda
An English ATS and an Air Force Sergeant kiss under a tree, 1945. boredpanda
Coffee has been served on the porch of an Ante-Bellum Mansion, at a party for Cadets from local Army Flying School, Mississippi, US, 1943. boredpanda
English soldiers saying goodbye to their wifes, getting ready to go to Egypt, 1937. boredpanda
Jean Moore kneels and kisses her fiance, wheelchair-bound World War II veteran Ralph Neppel, 1945. boredpanda
Saying goodbye at the train station before departing to WWII. boredpanda
Soldiers departing for Egypt lean out of the train windows to give their loved ones one last kiss. 1935 boredpanda
US Soldier kissing his girlfriend goodbye before departing on the train, 1922. boredpanda
A kiss in Times Square displaying the elation of the World on V-E Day, New York, May 8, 1945. boredpanda
A young couple chalking hearts onto a tree, Valentine’s Day, 1944. boredpanda
Servicemen and workers hug and kiss in the streets as the news spread of the victory in Europe, 1945. boredpanda
A member of the 1 Battalion of the Manchester Regiment during a Quayside Reunion at Southampton before the unit moves onto Egypt. boredpanda
A sailor presenting his girlfriend with a gift, California, 1943. boredpanda
A soldier saying goodbye to his wife before leaving for World War 1, Seattle, 1917. boredpanda