8 WWII Soldiers Whose Heroism Landed Them in the History Books

6. Fritz Christen

Frits Christen

A member of the Totenkopf division of the Waffen-SS, Christen was used to a life of combat. On the morning of September 24th, 1941 however, his bravery would really be put to the test.

As one of the soldiers in charge of an anti-tank battery, Christen was in the right place at the right time when a Soviet attack was suddenly underway, and he was the last one standing. He immediately took control, manning the 50mm cannon by himself without food, supplies or sleep for three days straight. Christen managed to bring down 13 tanks and killed almost 100 soldiers in an epic three-day period.

5.  Charles Carpenter

Charles Carpenter

Never underestimate a man with such crazy ideas as fashioning deadly weapons onto an aircraft like magnets on a refrigerator.

Lieutenant Colonel Charles Carpenter, otherwise known as “Bazooka Charlie,” worked as an observation pilot for the US during the war. However, not feeling as though he was fulfilling his duties, Carpenter decided to attach six rocket launchers to his plane and go on solo missions to take down the enemy. Carpenter did find success with his plan, wiping out six tanks and a few armored tanks along the way.

Carpenter’s upgraded plane, which he aptly named “Rosie the Rocketeer,” certainly was his best friend that day.