7 Foreign Attacks on US Soil That Are Rarely Mentioned (But Definitely Happened)

The US has fallen victim to some major foreign attacks throughout history. However, despite hearing countless retellings about the Pearl Harbor attacks in WWII and the tragedy of 9/11, many other incidents go by completely unaddressed. Well that’s about to change, as here we count down seven more foreign attacks that occurred on US territory.

7. The Black Tom Explosion

The Black Tom Explosion

Used as a munitions warehouse for the Allies, Black Tom Island in the New York Harbor rarely gained any attention during WWII. And as of 1916, the United States still wanted to remain isolated from the war. But the stock of US supplies and financial support were offered to the Allies, and Great Britain welcomed the help. However, the island then became well-known to the Germans, who decided to make it a target after all.

So July 30, 1916 marked the day that a huge explosion jolted the island, taking tons of useful explosives with it. The explosion was felt all around the East Coast, replicating the feeling of a 5.5-magnitude earthquake.

For years afterward, most people still had no idea if the explosion was an accident or a perpetrated attack. It took decades before investigators recognized the Germans as the culprits.

6. The Battle of Ambos Nogales

The Battle of Ambos Nogales

Mexican and US forces, not believed to have ties to WWI, actually did succumb to fighting near the end of the war. Starting in Ambos Nogales, the battle erupted over the city itself, which was split down the middle due to each half belonging to each separate country.

The battle was actually spurred on by nothing but confusion. It began when Mexican Gil Lamadrid wanted to cross the border from the US, carrying a package along the way. Just as US customs officials asked him to stop, Mexican officials began telling Lamadrid the opposite, to go ahead and cross the border anyway. A US soldier raised his rifle to keep Lamadrid at bay, and thus began the battle.

Felix Penalosa, the mayor of the Mexican-owned side of Nogales, tried to hold up the traditional white flag to signal their surrender, but was then shot down by US troops. The Mayor’s death served as the call for a cease-fire, and both sides ended the battle.