40 Unbelievable Oscar Snubs Throughout the Decades

40 Unbelievable Oscar Snubs Throughout the Decades

By Trista

While Academy Awards are often regarded, at least in the United States, as a benchmark for signifying a quality film, the rewards are often, in fact, quite contentious. Many groundbreaking and iconic films throughout history have not received Oscars. Some movies have been given numerous awards only to age very poorly, either due to the subject matter or evolving filmmaking and acting standards. On the other hand, some of the most timeless films that are still regarded as pinnacles of their genres went unawarded. The Academy has snubbed movies, directors, and actors. Check out this epic list of 40 losers who should’ve won.

A still image from an Academy Awards live broadcast. NPR.


40. The Shining

The Shiningis perhaps one of the most iconic horror films ever made. Phrases from the movie like “redrum” and “here’s Johnny” have entered the cultural lexicon. The film is one of Stanley Kubrick’s most significant cultural and financial successes. Despite this, the film wasn’t even nominated for an Oscar. Interestingly, the film was actually nominated for two Razzie Awards, which are the inverse of the Oscars and targeted at poorly received films. Nevertheless, The Shining is considered an iconic movie now even though it struggled early in its box office days and received mixed reviews.