40 Photographs of The Troubles, The Northern Ireland Conflict

Paramedics treat victims of the shooting Four men and a teenage boy were shot dead on the Ormeau Road in south Belfast in February 1992. Gunmen from the loyalist Ulster Freedom Fighters burst into Sean Graham’s bookmakers and opened fire. BBC
The bloodied floor of the Heights Bar In June 1994 Ulster Volunteer Force gunmen shot dead six men in The Heights Bar in Loughinisland, County Down. The men were watching a World Cup football match. The oldest victim was 87-year-old. BBC
The damage on Dublin’s Talbot St., caused by the second of the four bombs set off during the Dublin and Monaghan bombings. Wikimedia Commons
The Shankill Road bomb killed nine Protestant civilians in Belfast in October 1993. One of the IRA bombers also died in the blast which destroyed Frizzell’s fish shop on a Saturday afternoon. BBC
This image of Tom MacFarlane was taken shortly after a bomb attack in March 1972 killed two women and injured 130 people. Although no-one claimed responsibility for the attack on a crowded restaurant, the IRA is believed to have been responsible. BBC
NORTHERN IRELAND. Derry / Londonderry. 30th January 1972. As the shooting starts on Bloody Sunday, people fall to the ground. Gilles Peress
G.B. Northern Ireland. Londonderry. Riots following the deaths of two Catholic teenagers who were accidentally killed by British Army troops who drove into a group of rioters hurling petrol bombs. The rioters throw rocks and petrol bombs and the police respond with plastic bullets. 1981. A young rioter prepares to throw a petrol bomb at some British soldiers. Peter Marlow
U.K. NORTHERN IRELAND. Belfast. The funeral of Bobby SANDS, following his death as a result of a hunger strike while in the Maze prison, to demand the recognition of Republicans in jails in Northern Ireland as political prisoners. Bobby Sands was a member of the Provisional IRA and was elected an MP at Westminster. 1981.
Riots following Bobby Sands’ death after a 66-day hunger strike. Peter Marlow
G.B. NORTHERN IRELAND. Londonderry. Ten years after the arrival of British troops in the province. The barricades are once more dividing Catholics and Protestants in areas of Belfast and Londonderry. Children eating their ice creams while soldiers patrol the streets of Londonderry. 1979. Peter Marlow
G.B. NORTHERN IRELAND. Belfast. The Queen’s Jubilee riots. 1977. Peter Marlow
G.B. NORTHERN IRELAND. Belfast. The Queen’s Jubilee riots. An armed escort, and a volley of shots, for the funeral of an IRA member. 1977. Peter Marlow
GB. NORTHERN IRELAND. 1973. The incongruities of daily life in the urban war zone. For years, the people of Northern Ireland lived in a strange and strained symbiosis with the occupying British army. Philip Jones Griffiths
GB. Northern Ireland. Belfast. The Queen’s Jubilee riots. Republican youth with a gun. 1977. Peter Marlow
GB. NORTHERN IRELAND. Shopping over the watchful eye of the ever-present British soldier. 1973. Philip Jones Griffiths
A young Catholic rioter throws a stone at a British armored jeep during a rally in Londonderry protesting the recent Bloody Sunday killings. March 2, 1972. Getty Images
NORTHERN IRELAND. Belfast. 1997. A “peace wall”, erected by the British authorities, separate Catholics (left) from Protestants. It runs on the back garden of a middle-class housing estate. A. Abbas
Female IRA fighter with an FN FAL during The Troubles, Northern Ireland. Reddit
Flames leap from Westminster Hall at the House of Commons in London after an IRA bomb exploded there. June 17, 1974. Chris Ware: Keystone: Getty Images
NORTHERN IRELAND. Milltown Cemetery, West Belfast. 1988. Mourners at a Republican funeral flee for cover as they are attacked by a Michael Stone, an Ulster loyalist and UDA volunteer. Chris Steele-Perkins
Royal Engineer EOD Technician makes “The Long Walk” towards a van bomb on the Old Park Road Belfast, Northern Ireland in the late 80s. The curb paint marks the tribal division of a Protestant and Catholic interface. Imgur