40 Interesting Facts About Bernie Sanders

40 Interesting Facts About Bernie Sanders

By Trista

If you thought you knew Bernie Sanders during the 2016 Presidential campaign, it’s nothing compared to what you’re going to learn with these 40 facts. In February of 2019, Sanders stated he would once again run for president in 2020. Of course, in a time where the nation remains politically divided between Republicans and Democrats, Sanders’ announcement was met with both praise and dislike.

Bernie Sanders on Capitol Hill in January 2019. Andrew Harnick / Associated Press / vpr.org.

40. While He Is Running As A Democrat For President, He’s Independent In The Senate

Usually, when presidential candidates run for office, they don’t change the political party they represent in the Senate. For example, if they are Democrat in the Senate, they run as a Democrat for president. However, like many other things Bernie Sanders had done in his life, he didn’t follow this unwritten rule. When he ran for president in 2016 and now again in 2020, Sanders changed the Independent political title he holds in the Senate to Democrat in the presidential run.