40 Fun Facts About Bob Ross and His Happy Little Trees

40 Fun Facts About Bob Ross and His Happy Little Trees

By Trista

Bob Ross is finding new posthumous fame thanks to the trend of ASMR videos. His smooth, low voice once mocked for its soporific effect is now once again reaching millions through renewed interest in his cult classic series The Joy of Painting. His “happy little trees” are now adorning notebooks, shirts, and more as the nostalgia of the 80s and 90s makes a full comeback. With over 400 recorded episodes, The Joy of Painting is ideal relaxing binge watching material. Bob himself loved that his videos helped people relax, so curl up with a blanket, put on some Joy of Painting and dive into these happy little facts about Bob Ross.


Bob Ross and his squirrel, Peanut. Imgur.

40. He Had a Squirrel Named Peapod

Bob Ross loved all kinds of animals and occasionally featured them on The Joy of Painting. One of his favorites types of animals was squirrels, and he sometimes carried young squirrels around in his pocket while filming the show. The most famous of his squirrel friends was Peapod, a small young male squirrel who hung out in his pocket in multiple episodes.