40 Fascinating Facts about Comedy's Sweetheart, Lucille Ball

40 Fascinating Facts about Comedy’s Sweetheart, Lucille Ball

By Sarah January
40 Fascinating Facts about Comedy’s Sweetheart, Lucille Ball

Hilarious. Engaging. Icon. These words could arguably describe many actors, actresses, comedians, and entertainers that have crossed our TV screens over the years. Yet there is one who stands out from the crowd, largely due to her gorgeous red hair, Lucille Ball. An absolute star on stage and in public life; yet her private life holds its own share of secrets. The list below compiles 40 facts about the beautiful and zany woman who brought endless smiles to many faces.

Cast of I Love Lucy – William Frawley, Desi Arnaz, Lucille Ball, and Vivian Vance. (WikimediaCommons)

40. Lucy didn’t get her big break until she turned 40

Each generation faces societal pressures to achieve milestones by a certain age. Graduate and get a job by 22. Married by 26 and kids before 30. You have to accomplish everything before you get “old”, right? Lucy on the other hand couldn’t have cared less about societal pressure so she put her head down and worked until she got what she wanted. She was 40 years old when she got her starring role on I Love Lucy. Before getting her big break she worked in the industry in various capacities and for over 20 years.