40 Facts About The Tragic Life of Dorothy Dandridge

40 Facts About The Tragic Life of Dorothy Dandridge

By Trista

Dorothy Dandridge was a Hollywood trailblazer. A Black woman in the height of Hollywood’s Jim Crow era, Dandridge became the first Black woman nominated for a Best Actress Academy Award. She also starred in several films depicting interracial romances, one of which was even banned from airing in the US for years due to an interracial kiss. Despite finding a surprising amount of success given the racism she endured, Dandridge’s career and life were tragically cut short by a suspected accidental overdose at only 42 years of age.

Dandridge on the set of La Fabuleuse Aventure de Marco Polo. Wikimedia.


40. She Came From a Show Family

Dorothy Dandridge was born on November 9, 1922, to Ruby Dandridge. Her mother, Ruby, was an aspiring actress whose greatest claims to fame were radio work on the programs Amos ‘n Andy and the Judy Casanova Show. She also appeared in one film, A Hole in the Head in 1959. Ruby’s father performed in minstrel shows for a living, so the performance arts ran in her blood for at least two generations.