40 Disturbing Facts about Charles Manson

40 Disturbing Facts about Charles Manson

By Tim Flight

50 years ago, in August 1969, the optimism and hope of the 1960s came to a brutal and abrupt end with a series of horrific murders. At the centre of the mayhem was Charles Manson, who for all intents and purposes looked very much like many aspiring musicians in California: long-haired, living in a hippy-commune, and irresistible to women. But Manson was suffering from severe mental issues, had a list of convictions as long as your arm, and hoped to bring about an apocalyptic race war. Read on for the bloody and sometimes tragic story of history’s most notorious cult-leader…

Charles Manson as a baby, Ohio, 1934-35. Pinterest

40. Manson’s 16-year-old mother called him ‘No Name’ on his birth certificate

Charles Manson came into this world on November, 12, 1934. His mother was a 16-year-old runaway, Kathleen Maddox, and his father was Colonel Walker Henderson Scott, an itinerant farm labourer. Having lied to the besotted teen that he was a colonel in the US Army (‘Colonel’, in fact, was his first-name), Scott went away on ‘army business’ once he learned of the pregnancy. Poor Kathleen waited months before realising he wasn’t coming back. Her family banished her to Cincinnati, Ohio, to give birth secretly, and out of despair she wrote ‘No Name Moddox [sic]’ on her son’s birth certificate.