30 Ghosts of Historical Figures That May Still Walk Among the Living

Lady Dorothy Walpole-Wikipedia

29. Lady Dorothy Walpole- The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall 

The ghost of Lady Dorothy Walpole allegedly haunts the halls of Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England, despite being dead for over 300 years. As the sister to Great Britain’s first Prime Minister, her life should have been pretty easy. Unfortunately, she married Charles Townshend in 1713 who had a notoriously bad temper. Legend says that he found out about an affair between her and ladies man Thomas Wharton and became extremely angry. Nevermind this supposed affair happened before they were married, he decided to lock her up anyway. Townshend kept his wife inside the rooms of her family home until she died under mysterious circumstances. Many have seen her ghost multiple times in Raynham Hall since her death. In 1936, photographers captured a photo of the Brown Lady and published it in Country Living Magazine.