25 Photos of the Wanton North American Bison Hunts

A pile of bison and antlered deer skulls sit bleaching in the sun in Albany County, Wyoming, 1870. Skulls were often kept as trophies or for decoration by hunters. Daily Mail
A herd of American bison drinking at a lake in Yellowstone National Park, 1905. Library of Congress
Skins hung up to dry in 1926, The Hides were the most prized body parts of the hunted bison and quite often the only parts commercial hunters took. Daily Mail
Geronimo skinning a buffalo after a hunt, circa 1900. Photo- Keystone View Co., Museum Of New Mexico, Neg. No. 89405. magazine.wildlife.state.nm
A man holds a rifle on top of a dead bison in an 1897 print titled Glory enough for one day’s hunt. Library of Congress
Buffalo Skinners at work. Glenbow Archives, Calgary, Alberta
Bison hunting in Yellowstone, date unspecified. New York Public Library
A Teton Native American performs the Hu Kalowa Pi ceremony with a bison skull, 1907. Edward Curtis
Buffalo hunt south of Hays, Kansas in 1869 includes George Armstrong Custer, Hill P. Wilson, Captain Tom Custer, and General Samuel D. Sturgis, 1869. legendsofkansas
A herd in Montana, 1909. Library of Congress
South Dakota, 1911. New York Public Library
Today, because of aggressive conservation efforts, the American bison population has rebounded to approximately 500,000. Pictured- Bison roam the Black Hills of South Dakota in 2001. David McNew:Getty Images