20 Overlooked Superheroes From The Past Who Deserve Their Own Movie

Textless cover of Nightwing #1, illustrated by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado (c. September 2016). Wikimedia Commons.

19. Often ranking extremely highly among fan-favorite comic book characters, Nightwing, the former vigilante partner of Batman, has inexplicably never been featured in the more than a dozen films involving the more famous caped crusader

Making his first appearance unrelated to Batman, Nightwing was introduced to audiences in 1965 in the “Superman in Kandor” story-line. Redesigned in 1985, becoming the iconic character known today, Dick Grayson became Nightwing following his dismissal from the role of Robin by Batman. Equipped with a high-tech suit accommodating his more acrobatic style, Nightwing’s weapon of choice was a pair of Eskrima clubs capable of joining together as a staff. Copied by his successor as Robin, Jason Todd, prior to his death at the hands of the Joker in “Batman: A Death in the Family”, Grayson later retires his unique identity to become the Batman following Bruce Wayne’s own death.

Enjoying several immensely iconic character arcs, including the murder of the Joker in the “Last Laugh” and becoming the leader of the Justice League, the contest between the disciples of Batman to replace him in “Batman R.I.P.” would form an unquestionably entertaining basis for a film. Remaining consistently popular within the comic book community, Nightwing was published in his own eponymous series for fifteen consecutive years. With the rebooting of Batman once more, the introduction of an in-universe successor to his more famous, if habitually recast, mentor is entirely logical.