20 Overlooked Superheroes From The Past Who Deserve Their Own Movie

Cover of Captain Britain trade paperback edition (c. 2005). Wikimedia Commons.

20. The only Marvel hero to be graced by the penmanship of legendary author Alan Moore, Captain Britain would be a well-suited, if somewhat corny, replacement for the outgoing Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Initially intended solely for consumption in the United Kingdom, Captain Britain was Marvel’s first original content published by Marvel UK. Released in October 1976, the character was met with a mixed reception before being redesigned and relaunched in 1981 to wider acclaim. Descending from a fallen aristocratic English family, after suffering an accident Captain Britain becomes the guardian of a mystical amulet given to him by the wizard Merlyn. Possessing superhuman strength and the power to fly, his abilities are intimately connected to his costume. Serving as a form of battery, Captain Britain is only “super” whilst wearing his suit, offering an avenue of vulnerability to an otherwise immensely powerful character.

Furthermore, this battery is capable of depletion, rendering the superhero powerless if overexerted. Offering audiences several iconic story-lines, including multiple arcs involving trans-dimensional travel between the many worlds of the Marvel multiverse – which would be a superb direction to take the franchise post-Thanos – Captain Britain has been replaced on several occasions by other individuals allowing for a prolonged continuity. A member of the clandestine Secret Avengers, as well as the leader of the superhero group Excalibur, Captain Britain would be an excellent international addition to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe and offers a broader range of long-term story arcs.