17 Gory Facts About Gladiators That Make Us Cringe

Alchetron – Scene from Gladiator movie

2. Die With Honor, Otherwise, You’ll Be Stretched and Dragged

Not everyone was given the honor of a stretcher and carried out through the Porta Libitinensis. That was only reserved for gladiators who fought honorably. If a gladiator faced his death bravely at the hands of another, he was carried ceremoniously from the arena and his dignity remained intact, even though they take his armor for the next person. If a gladiator wasn’t brave, his ending was not pleasant. An outcry in pain or fear during a battle was considered weak and cowardly in the eyes of the Romans.

Outcries and weakness were frowned upon in the arena and considered cowardly. If a gladiator asked for mercy and then denied his life, he too was considered cowardly for not committing his life for the games. These gladiators would be stretched and dragged across the arena floor, no stretcher required. They were already given the mark of a coward, so the Romans saw no point in carrying the body since he was already defiled with disgrace. Most humans have a natural fear of death, so don’t show fear if you want your dignity intact after death.