16 Terrifying Bladed Weapons in History

The estoc sword was developed to counter increasingly sophisticated armor. Quora.

15. The Estoc sword was created to find a way through chain-mail and other armor and were used to deadly effect on the battlefields of Medieval Europe

Estoc swords were long, with two-handed grips. They were blunt along the edges but had a sharpened point. This design meant that a swordsman could grip the weapon with two hands and put all their weight behind it as they thrust downwards into an opponent’s Armour. Even if he missed a gap in the chain-mail, the power behind the thrust, combined with the strong point meant that the armor was often penetrated anyway. If that didn’t do the trick, then it certainly disabled an opponent, and he could then be finished off with a sidearm such as a dagger.

But estoc swords weren’t only used to kill well-armored soldiers on the Medieval battlefield. They were also used by knights in tournaments. They could be used like normal swords for one-to-one fights, but, thanks to their lack of a sharp edge, they wouldn’t do any real damage unless they were thrust forward. At the same time, estoc swords were also popular with huntsman. Though far riskier than using a bow and arrow to hunt bears, boars or wolves, an estoc sword allowed the hunter to get up-close to a wild beast and kill it with a single thrust.