16 Reasons Why Prince Charles' and Diana's Marriage Was A Complete Disaster

16 Reasons Why Prince Charles’ and Diana’s Marriage Was A Complete Disaster

By Trista

At first, the relationship of Prince Charles and Princess Diana seemed to be a royal fairytale wedding, but, in reality, it was more of an absolute nightmare. Throughout their marriage, the couple became the most scandalous news from the British royal family. From the steamy affairs to questioning who the birth father of Prince Harry is, Prince Charles and Princess Diana had a marriage made for a nightmare.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana Wedding. PA Archive/Press Association Images.

16. Their Wedding Was A Foreshadowing For Their Marriage

When Prince Charles and Princess Diana married on July 29, 1981, the day was far from perfect. In fact, trouble started the night before when Prince Charles cried because he was to marry Diana the next day and he was not sure he wanted to marry her. That following morning, Diana told a friend that she was not sure if she should marry Charles. Of course, everyone convinced the couple that these feelings were just wedding jitters.

On top of their feelings, Princess Diana spilled perfume all over the front of her wedding dress, and there was no time to wash it, so the fragrance left a stain. In order to hide the stain, Diana carried her flowers in front of her so that she could cover it. During the wedding vows, Diana mixed up Charles’ name. Then, there was the train on Diana’s wedding dress, which was 25 feet long and way too much for her bridesmaids to handle. However, Diana dealt with this problem with ease by telling her bridesmaids to do the best they could.