16 Mysterious Unsolved Deaths Throughout History

This was the last known photograph of the McLeod brothers. Credit: MysteriousUniverse.org

2. Willie and Frank McLeod Went Hunting For Gold And Never Made It Back.

In Northwestern Canada, the land was originally inhabited by an Native American tribe called the Naha. During the gold rush, the tribe disappeared, and white settlers no longer saw the indigenous people. In 1908, two brothers- Willie and Frank McLeod, decided to become gold prospectors. Their family and friends had no heard from them for two years.

Their uncle, Charlie McLeod, thought this was suspicious. He had not received a letter from them for so long, he decided it was time to go looking for his nephews at the spot where they said they were going. Charlie McLeod found his nephews. Their skeletons were still laying in their sleeping bags near a creek, but both of their heads were missing. Nearby, there were journal entries that said “we found a fine prospect”- as in- they struck gold. Apparently, someone wasn’t too happy about that fact, and the McLeod brothers never lived to cash in their riches. Strangely, though, none of their valuables had been touched. Ever since that day, the story of the McLeod brothers was re-told so many times, the area got the nickname “Headless Creek”.

In 1931, a fur trapper named Phil Powers was hunting near the same location of “Headless Creek”. His cabin had been burned to the ground. His body was found outside of the burned cabin, and he had been firing his gun at someone…or something…coming towards him.