16 Examples of the Kennedy Curse

Joseph Kennedy Jr. Famous Biographys.org.

15. Joseph Kennedy Jr.

Joseph Kennedy Jr, the first son of Joseph Sr. and Rose Kennedy, was a smart, athletic guy. He attended Harvard College, where he was involved in football and rugby, London School of Economics, and Harvard Law School. Joseph Sr. prepped his son for a career in politics until Joseph Jr. unexpectedly passed away in August of 1944 in a plane crash. It’s believed that Joseph Jr. agreed with Hilter’s policies. In fact, he took a trip to Germany in 1934 to meet with the Nazis. Joseph Jr. wrote to his father about the sterilization policy the Nazis had and how he favored it. In 1941, Joseph began his naval career in flight training.

After that, he joined the Patrol Squadron 203, Bombing Squadron 110, and Special Air Unit ONE. Operation Anvil was a plan devised to use heavy bombers as remote-piloted drone missiles. Before the rockets were to be fired, the pilot would jump from the plane and parachute to the ground. Joseph Jr. had volunteered and was training to be a pilot bomber when he was promoted to a Lieutenant. However, he surprisingly never executed Operation Anvil because the plane he was in crashed while flying over England.