10 Groundbreaking Cases You’ve Never Heard of That Propelled the Civil Rights Movement

Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and Rosa Parks: the classic figures representative of the wider civil rights movement. But what about the other people that helped? What about Recy Taylor, Claudette Colvin, and Joan Little? What about the injustices faced by Gertrude Perkins or Betty Jean Owens? Well, read on to learn about cases of sexual violence, tales of resistance, and the bravery of those willing to stand up and speak out.

I have to admit, I have included Rosa Parks in here but that’s because I believe there is a great misunderstanding about who she is, what she did, and her motivation for doing so. So, in order to dispel the myths, make sure you read all about her! I would also like to highlight a major theme throughout this list examines sexual assault cases and occasionally discusses the details of such cases – reader discretion is advised.