10 Forgotten Stories About Colonial Americans That Changed the Way You See Early America

Many believe the era in American history known as “Colonial America” started with the first European settlement of Jamestown, Virginia in 1607. Contrary to popular belief, there were several settlements on the North American lands before the settlement of Jamestown. Because of this, the real date on the beginning Colonial America is debatable. However, we do know that the Colonial American era ends with the call for American Independence in July of 1776.

In 1607 Europeans began to travel to the new world in order to escape religious persecution. While there were other reasons, the main reason was to find religious freedom, or set up their own religion, depending on how you look at it. Of course, everyone learns in school that many of the first settlers did not make it through the first winter. Much of this had to do with lack of supplies, inadequate shelter, and not being used to the weather. However, over time, the settlers came up with a system, more settlers came, and survival became a little easier. It seems that we all hear the same type of stories about Colonial America. You know about the Salem Witch Trials and the not real First Thanksgiving. But there are several Colonial American stories you have probably never heard about or even thought could have occurred in Colonial America.  Here are 10 Colonial American stories you may have never heard about.

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