8 Missing Religious Relics That Have Never Been Found

Stained glass of Edward the Confessor and his ring. wjartuso.wordpress.com

Ring of Saint Edward

Saint Edward the Confessor was born in 1005 as the son of King Elthelred the Unready and his Norman Queen Emma. In 1042 he ascended to the throne. Edward was seen by many of his proponents as a deeply religious leader who removed unjust taxes, healed the sick and took a vow of chastity in order to remain devoted to his people and his religion. He built a cathedral to replace the Saxon church at Westminister in replace of the vow. The church then became known as Westminister Abbey.

There is one miracle that is attributed to Edward known as the miracle of the ring. It was said that while riding he was approached by a beggar who asked for alms. As Edward had no money on him, he took off his ring and gave it to the beggar. Years later, two pilgrims became stranded in the Holy Land.

There they were saved by St. John the Evangelist. With him, he carried the ring that Edward had given the beggar. He asked that when the pilgrims returned home to England that they give it to Edward with the message that he would be dead in six months.

The ring was one of many sacred relics that were kept from Edward the Confessor and were highly prized after he was made a saint 100 years after his death. The ring was kept at Westminister Abbey with other sacred relics. However, all the relics disappeared after the dissolution of the monastery in 1540. While the ring is lost, the sapphire that was in the ring is believed to be the center jewel on the cross atop the Imperial State Crown.


  • Larry Tess

    No mention of the bleeding host or Luciano

  • Mike 89128

    The Ark was burned to get the melted gold that covered it. King Nebuchadnezzar ii needed the gold to pay his troops and for supplies.

    • doninkansas

      Liar! The Ark was found by the Nazis and is now hidden in a warehouse somewhere in the USA. I saw it on a documentary I once watched, Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark!

    • JJJ

      It’s very plausible that you are right, and the Ark was melted down. Consider that all metallic sculptures from Greece and Rome were also melted down, including the sacred chryselephantine statues.

    • All Seeing Eye

      Mike – You make an interesting point, and one that is totally logical. But there are some issues that do not make sense to me. First, if Nebuchadnezzar ii did melt down the Arc, due to its importance to the Jews he vanquished, I would think he would have made a big deal out of it and there would be some written record about it. Also, if he melted the Arc, which was a wooden structure covered in gold, why did he not also melt down the other Temple implements that were solid gold, like the Candelabra which was eventually carted away by the Romans? When Cyrus the Great allowed the Jews to return to Israel, he gave them back the golden Temple implements, showing that they were not melted. Why one and not the others? Also, there is a story that the Chief Rabbi of Israel, I think it was Goren, was on an unauthorized dig under the Temple Mount and saw the Arc hidden there. It was supposedly sealed up so that it would be available for the building of the Third Temple. Fact or fiction? I don’t know and don’t claim to have any better insight. The whole thing seems to be a mystery in how one of the most, if not the most, important artifact to the Jewish people disappeared without a trace or a note in history. The logical thing is to think it was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar, but the facts (or should I say lack of facts) has to make one wonder what really happened. Perhaps I am a romantic but I would like to think it is hidden away someplace waiting for the Third Temple!

      • Mike 89128

        Hi Missed this for over a month. Agree about the gold transportables, easily hidden easily carried. But I doubt any of Nebuchadnezzar’s commanders would turn a blind eye to a gold object that required four men to carry. The king probably ordered no looting to his commanders and everything of value to be collected at a single point, not 100% observed. Doubt very much if any temple rabbis were around to tell the troops this was the ‘Holy of Holies”. Seeing that it was only a gold plated wooden object, remember we don’t really know what it looked like, it was melted down. The other gold objects were probably seen as objects d’ art and taken as war trophies. Looking forward to your reply.

        • All Seeing Eye

          Mike – I am not sure I agree with you 100%. Any of Nebuchadnezzar’s men would have known they were in Jewish Holy Temple and thus any artifact was holy to the people. The part I can’t get out of my mind is that there is no mention of what happened to the Arc in the Bible. We now that when it was taken by Cyrus, the Bible mentions it and tells how he gave it back when he let the Jews return home. Why no mention after that? There is a story that when some Rabbis were investigating a tunnel under the Temple Mount, they came across the Arc’s hiding place and then it was sealed up because the time was not right to reveal its location. There is another story that a farmer found a cave about 125 years ago with the temple vessels in it and hid the cave, drew a map and gave it to a Rabbi. Who knows? We were not there and I would have thought is a great leader like Nebuchadnezzar had taken and/or destroyed the Arc he would have bragged how he defeated the Jewish God. But no one has ever taken credit for this and that puzzles me greatly because at that time, it was my God against yours. As to your comment about some of the vessels being objects d’ art and thus taken back, were the soldiers of that day sophisticated enough to care? One of the problems we have in discussing this is our mindset. We of the 21st century think differently than the people of the world in thew BCE era. Are we even capable of knowing what they might have thought?

  • MikeGreggs

    The Holy Foreskin was prolly one of the least-loved Indiana Jones exploits

    • pachyderm63


    • pachyderm63

      My favorite Robin line from the Batman tv show,”Holy foreskin Batman!” …

    • Bill


  • Olger Danske

    You can’t find relics of any fictional character…. just saying…

    • Justin Jurek

      Nobody is looking for relics of the Easter Bunny.

      • Jack Kasaback

        you kidding me? every Easter, I search for the hidden and missing egg-shaped relics of the Bunny, purportedly to be found in a woven basket.

      • pachyderm63

        my kids hunt like madmen once a year!

  • imnotasheeple

    Pssst…gods are pretend, no one told them.

  • Jack Kasaback

    the holy foreskin. it’s hard to believe a tiny, spaghetti-o-sized piece of human penis could perform miracles…but, then again, during proper coitus, the penis has been known to cause some women to summon the Lord with freak abandon.

    • roslyn Littlefield

      omgosh hahahahahaha

    • Ed of Ct.

      For God’s sake Kasabach , such-like stupid foolish statement. Go to Confessional and wash your mouth out with soap and water already

  • vs

    Why the ridicule and disdain for religion in the posts below? The articles, if you read through, mentioned some of the relics may or may not have existed. Are you using this article as proof to determine if God or Jesus actually exist? If you are looking for a scientific researched based theory to proof or disproof the existence of God, at least take the time to read the research-you may look at things differently; but you should not use this article to ridicule Faith because you don’t understand it or don’t have it yourself-doing so makes you sound less “educated” and “sophisticated” then you think you are.

  • vs

    Why the ridicule and disdain in the posts below? The articles, if you read through, mentioned some of the relics may or may not have existed. Are you using this article as proof to determine if God or Jesus actually exist? If you are looking for a scientific researched based theory to proof or disproof the existence of God, at least take the time to read the research-you may look at things differently; but you should not use this article to ridicule Faith because you don’t understand it or don’t have it yourself-doing so makes you sound less “educated” and sophisticated then you thing you are.

    • Ted Gargantiel

      Thank God we have the Holy Hand Grenade!

  • pachyderm63

    ugh. why would anyone want that?

  • Gregory In Seattle

    You forgot to mention that, at one point in the Middle Ages, at least 18 Holy Foreskins existed. Claimants included Santiago de Compostela, the city of Antwerp, and Chartre Cathedral. Just because the Calcata claimant was the one to survive longest does NOT mean it is genuine.

    • James ‘Jim’ Osborne

      Maybe it was “parted” miraculously like the fishes and loaves so there’d be plenty to go around…LOL

  • RhodeIslandAspie

    Didn’t you see the Indiana Jones Movies. The US government has the Ark in a warehouse somewhere.

  • george orwell

    My belief is that the grail is/was just a simple bowl.

  • All Seeing Eye

    Interesting article with one exception. The Arc is a Jewish relic and has no connection with Christianity what-so-ever except that there are rumors the catholic church has it hidden away. Christianity has constantly tried to steal Jewish history even claiming that the original bible is theirs. The only thing Jewish associated with Christianity is that they worship a Jew as their Savior,

    • Kent DiColombo

      Not quite, we worship the same god as them, however, we believe that Jesus is the messiah, whereas they do not. We follow the ten commandments as well, which were, and are still supposedly housed within the Ark of the Covenant, which is why it is such a sought after artifact. I could go further in depth, however, the main defining difference between Judaism, and Christianity, is based on whether or not you believe Jesus to be the messiah. Christianity doesn’t necessarily try and steal Jewish history, as it is our history too. Our religion split off from Judaism after all, so much of the history is shared.

      • All Seeing Eye

        Your analogy is not totally correct. Yes Christianity broke off from Judaism, but in the break, many of the things that make Judaism great were lost. Christians believe they must convert people to believe in Jesus, even if it means killing them in the process. For two thousand years Christianity has sought to destroy Judaism. Jews were taxed, forbidden from holding certain jobs, expelled from countries, suffered massacre (the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, Hitler, and others) all with the blessing of the church and the Pope. Judaism teaches learning, Christianity teaches blind faith to its warped teachings. Yes, Christianity broke off from Judaism, but the Bible was written by and for the Jews. Christians don’t even follow the teachings of the Tanach, only those parts they like. Even Jesus does not meet the Bible’s criteria for being the messiah, and Christianity has hated the Jews since that time onward for not believing. The Catholic Church is the original source of all the anti-semitism in the world, and it is one of my greatest disappointments that the plot to try and execute the Pope for the church’s crimes against the Jews during his visit to Israel in 2000 was not carried out.

        • Morgan

          Good summary.

        • Kent DiColombo

          You’re also lumping all of Christianity into one group, when many Christians heavily disagree with the Catholic Church and their methods. Yes, there was heavy persecution against Jews, but that was the Catholic Church, well after the split. Initially, Christians were persecuted just as heavily as Jews, however, at the time, the church was more or less unified. Then, after the Nicene church split in the Schism, the Orthodox Church, which is the true successor, has been at odds with the Catholic Church just as much as Jews have been. This can be seen especially during the Crusades. Most Christians don’t try and convert anybody, we seldom talk religion with people outside of our faith, because we are well aware of differing beliefs, and customs. In fact, nobody outside the Catholic Church even recognizes the pope to have any authority at all. Many Christians do plenty of missionary work to impoverished countries, especially after disasters, to rebuild the infrastructure there, and yes, we do offer Church services to those there, but it is only if they are interested. You’re sadly mistaken if you think we’re all the same, that line of thinking is not dissimilar to how people assume Jews are. Of course there are differences between Christianity and Judaism, as the two religions split over two thousand years ago, it would be ridiculous to assume otherwise.

          • All Seeing Eye

            Thank you for that reply. You raised many points I was not aware of, and I would guess many non-Christians don’t know either. This will bear some thought!

          • Kent DiColombo

            And thank you for being open minded, after all, we all share this Earth together, and the sooner we all understand each other better, the sooner we can all come together.

          • Tundramoss

            Kent, the Jews in Orthodox Russia might disagree with you… and there have been PLENTY of Jewish persecution under Protestant and secular rule in Europe. Your anti-Catholicism bias is showing.

          • Kent DiColombo

            Russia is a different story, I’m referring primarily to the Patriarchate in Constantinople, and the Greek Orthodox Church, not the Russian Orthodox Church. Historically, the Catholic Church has not been too friendly towards other branches of Christianity, or other religions, especially Judaism. As for Protestantism, they shared a similar attitude in the past.

          • ethaba

            So New Rome is not Orthodox enough for you? When I read bloody histories, few rival Byzantium

          • Kent DiColombo

            Relations between the Greek Orthodox Church and Judaism, have, for the most part, been relatively warm throughout history. There have been incidents, however, that is to be expected, because they are after all, two separate religions, and won’t see eye to eye on everything.

          • ethaba

            You should look up the definition and origin of the word “pogrom”

        • Jorge A Ventura

          What Christians are you talking about? The Church was corrupt at the time of the crusades and people were lead into battle in the name of God that had nothing to do with Him. Nowhere in the new testament (which is the part Christians are supposed to live by) does it say you must convert people or kill them. You have the Bible confused with the quran. Please look these things up and read the actual books before taking a bit of knowledge and running with it. Please!

      • Morgan

        But why should Anglo-Saxon people worship a Middle Eastern Jewish tribal war god? I’m a Pagan and prefer to venerate the deities of MY ancestors. Of course, a lot of them were forced to convert to Christianity at the point of a sword, but they always remained loyal to their own gods, and many Christian churches and shrines were built on top of older Pagan ones. Some of the Pagans who were forced to help build for the Christians managed to sneak Pagan symbols into some of them. Too bad they weren’t given a choice—the ultimate fate of Christianity might well have taken a different turn.

        • Kent DiColombo

          I never said anybody should have to worship any particular religion, it is up to them who they want to worship, if they want to worship anybody at all. Yes, a long time ago, shortly after the church was embraced as the Roman Empire’s state religion, it was forced upon peoples of other lands at the point of the sword, which is unacceptable, however, many other faiths were spread this way, and some still are. Some people still forcefully convert others at to Islam now at the barrel of a rifle, but we still cannot assume it is every follower of that religion. My personal beliefs are for me, however, what I will stress, is that people should be educated, and allowed to make their own decisions.

    • Mark

      Oh get off it with your stupid conspiracy theories about “omg the catholic church stole everything!!!”, it’s being kept by monks in Ethiopia (which is an ancient Jewish Christian community, incidentally) who haven’t been Catholic in 1700 years and it’s not a secret to anybody.

      • All Seeing Eye

        WOW talk about stupid conspiracy theories. You claim it’s in Ethiopia yet no one has ever seen it there. How is that not stupid?

        • Mark

          I don’t know, are the monks who’ve been watching over it for centuries just sitting around pulling their dicks and laughing at how stupid everybody else is for thinking they have it while they have to live a life of brutal asceticism?

          • All Seeing Eye

            There is only one monk who supposedly guards the Ark and yes, he could be lying. Why give up a good job by telling the truth. I don’t believe anyone who claims to be harboring a stolen object but offers no proof. Perhaps we should have a team of Israeli commandos enter the church and try to retrieve our stolen property. Would that make you happy?

          • Mark

            It’s not “only one monk” and it’s not a good job, you idiot.

  • Jamie Clemons

    several European churches have claimed to be in possession of the Holy Prepuce

  • John Lowther

    This proves how stupid people are, to think that they would have the time or inclination to preserve these objects is preposterous to say the least. Jesus followers fled and were in hiding the night of his arrest, Peter stayed outside till the third crow then he left. Do you think that any of them said “Teacher I must go back to the upper room and retrieve that gold jeweled goblet you were drinking from”? O how about John after he saw Jesus hang to death for 6 agonizing hours Did he say to the Roman Guard “Hey can I hack off a piece of that wood cross off for a souvenir?” Or after the resurrection “Hey Jesus, glad your back from the dead, where did you leave those grave clothes? I know you wont be needing them now” See how ridiculous this is Jesus followers had much more important things to think about than to save little trinkets souvenirs and keepsakes from the arrest crucifixion and resurrection of the living God. The Ark Of the Covenant was most likely destroyed by the Babylonians in 587 BC when they destroyed the temple and enslaved the people. If people think these objects have magic powers their sadly mistaken. All supernatural power comes from God and he only uses it for his purpose, you cant “commandeer” Gods Power. even the Devil has to ask God permission for everything he does. These “relics” are really just useless Idols. Jesus is God He died and rose again for you Believe and be saved!!!

  • All Seeing Eye

    It is my understanding that the “holy foreskin” is used by the pope as a wallet. When he goes traveling, he rubs it and it expands to a suitcase.

  • MaxShrek

    Who would save a foreskin?

    • David

      Well today they do, they save it for face cream by the tens of thousands.

  • Chris Fralick

    How did people buy into Empress Helena’s bullshit for so long?