Hitler’s Great Escape: Conspiracy Crackpot Theory or Complex Cover Up?

The Daily Beast

The thing about conspiracy theories is that there is credence to some of these apparently tall tales. However, there are usually so many ridiculous stories that few people feel compelled to listen on occasions when the truth is told. Throughout history, there have been a few conspiracy theories worth a second look, but they are lost amidst a sea of nonsense.

In this article, I look at the suggestion that Adolf Hitler didn’t die in his Berlin bunker, but instead escaped the clutches of the Russians. At first glance, this story clearly falls into the ‘tin foil hat’ category but let’s take a closer look at the evidence.

Did Hitler Flee to Brazil?

A book titled ‘Hitler in Brazil – His Life and Death’ claims the Nazi leader moved to the small town of Mato Grosso in Brazil where he lived under the name Adolf Leipzig. According to the author, Simoni Renee Guerreiro Dias, Hitler chose that surname because it is the birthplace of his favorite composer, Bach.

Simoni spent two years in a small Bolivian town investigating her wild theory. She claims that an old Polish nun recognized the monster when he was due to have an operation in a Brazilian hospital and asked him to leave. However, a superior told the sister that the man was there on Vatican orders.

Her primary source of evidence is a grainy photo where you can’t see the man’s face clearly. Simoni photo shopped a mustache onto the man’s face and said it looks like Hitler. Ironically, the man in the picture has a black girlfriend named Cuninga. The writer says he used the woman to cover up his vile views.

Laughable ‘evidence’ of Hitler in Brazil. Graded Talon

Hitler in Argentina & Paraguay

Another theory suggests Hitler escaped to Tempelhof Airport where a helicopter brought him to Spain. After a brief stop in the Canary Islands, he was brought to Argentina by U-Boat. Oddly enough, Martin Bormann also allegedly escaped via U-Boat. After spending a decade in Argentina, Hitler moved to Paraguay, where he remained until his death in 1971.

Oh, you want evidence? According to Abel Basti, who wrote ‘Hitler in Exile,’ the U.S. allowed the Nazi leader to leave and agreed that he shouldn’t fall into the hands of the Russians. It is true that a large number of Nazis escaped to South America, with Argentina a favored destination. Operation Paperclip is an example of how the United States used Nazis to gain an advantage against the Soviets in the Space Race and the Cold War. The Americans also used Klaus Barbie as an operative along with other Nazi officers, but it’s hard to believe they would even consider allowing Hitler to survive even if he somehow escaped Berlin.

Basti asserts that Hitler’s funeral was attended by numerous wealthy families and he was buried in an underground bunker. It was sealed two years later, and there is now an elegant hotel in Asuncion built on top of his resting place. Basti also claims that Eva Braun lived well into her 90s and settled in Buenos Aires. So far there is little concrete evidence, but conspiracy theorists point to the fact that Hitler’s lower jaw fragment has never been released for forensic examination. They also outline how he could have escaped.