Eight Horrific Facts About the Siege of Leningrad 1941-1944


When Germans encircled Leningrad (St. Petersburg) on September 8th, 1941 they planned to quickly freeze and starve the city. They had no idea the devastation and horror that the people of Leningrad would be willing to endure without ever giving in. The siege is one of the longest in history and one of the deadliest as well. Here are just a few things you might not know about the siege that devastated Soviet Union.

Leningrad Death Toll Over 1,000,000


The death toll from the siege of Leningrad varies anywhere from 600,000 to 2,000,000 but most put it closer to 1,500,000. That makes the siege ten times deadlier than either of the death tolls (on the first day) from the atomic bombs dropped on Japan. Many of the deaths occurred from starvation and freezing as many tried to survive in the surrounded city. But that was not the only thing that citizen of Leningrad had to fear. Many were also killed by the bombs that the Germans were frequently dropping on the besieged city.

There were attempts to evacuate Leningrad with as many as 1.4 million people being evacuated during three phases. The first wave was evacuated from June to August of 1941. Another evacuation was attempted of more than 650,000 civilians from September 1941 to April 1942 over lake Ladoga, on foot when frozen, on water craft when it wasn’t. A third was went from May to October of 1942 and was also utilizing lake Ladoga. The evacuations consisted of mostly women and children, but also included anyone that was considered to be essential to the war effort. However, the evacuations were not a guarantee of survival as many of those evacuated still lost their lives either due to bombings from the Germans or from succumbing to illness or starvation by the time they made it out of the city.

By the time the siege had ended only 700,000 of the 3 million citizens of Leningrad remained alive and in the city. All others had died or been evacuated. For the credit of the people of Leningrad, they never gave up and even as they were starving they did everything they could to help the army defeat the Germans.


  • A. Nation O’Laws

    900 days. Don’t think we’d survive such.

    • Depends on the city, but, it’s possible. Modern technology making it easier to smuggle stuff into the city.

      • Mark

        – really, as tough as those folks – ??? = been there looked at mass burials of those citizens 0nly noting the month and year they died -10’000’s in each mound – maybe another time/generation……

      • SLAMDUNK4570

        Modern technology won’t help much when the power grid is down.

      • William Hunt

        it wasn’t modern technology that gave Vietnam their freedom from foreigners, invaders always suffer from the fact that they are not welcome

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    The snowflakes would melt.

    • John Johnson

      Yep…there is no grit in people like they had 60 – 100 years ago.

      • Bruce Wizayne

        you clearly have no concept of what goes in the world and just watch news thinking you ‘know how it is, it’s ok. keep smoking crack chugging soda and pretending you’re intelligent or informed

    • Bruce Wizayne

      you’d melt like a little bitch. the fact you bring this up shows how inferior and weak you are

  • Rockyballbuster

    Reading “900 Days” right now. Starts with the first indications of war, when the USSR and Germany were pals trading and chopping up Eastern EU together. They made their pact with Hitler, and paid the price for sure.

    • CrackediPhone

      So why didn’t the Brits declare war on the Soviets after they invaded/occupied eastern Poland? Or when they attacked Finland?

      • Rockyballbuster

        Re: Poland, the Brits did nothing because their Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain was clueless and believed Hitler’s lies… that Germany was provoked by Poland’s seizure of a radio station on their border with Poland. Hitler had German prisoners in Polish army uniforms killed as proof of the provocation that they claimed led to their invasion. Chamberlain was an “appeaser”, avoiding war at any cost.

        • Robert Holmén

          Neville Chamberlain wasn’t fooled “that Germany was provoked by Poland’s seizure of a radio station.” It was Neville Chamberlain’s government that declared war on Germany then.

          The Soviet invasion of Poland didn’t start until several weeks later.

          Britain didn’t declare war on the USSR because they were still hoping make an alliance with it to fight Germany.

        • Keith

          Neville Chamberlin save England from destruction by pacifying their enemies for a year while England prepared for war. History is Pop Culture and never lets the facts get in the way of a good story.

          • Rockyballbuster

            Tell that to the soldiers at Dunkirk, or those lost in the blitz in London or Devonshire. Chamberlain was an appeaser… regardless of what the revisionists say. He did nothing to prepare the country for war. It was the “half-American drunk” (Hitler’s words) Churchill that took care of business.

          • Keith

            It is the folks that deny Chamberlin’s brilliance that are the revisionists. I suspect the self promoting drunk, Churchill, had a lot to do with Chamberlin being treated poorly by history.

          • Bellfoot

            Omg..you people are idiots. Cham was a wuss.

          • Keith

            Other than saving England, maybe you are right.

          • ralph

            There was no money! Hitler stole his money to fuel his armies and state!

          • raysusan49

            Hitler enjoyed a large portion of his money from corporate/Wall Street/Banksters in the USA.

          • ralph

            He stole gold from conquered national banks! Coy,tires sent it to,ny federal reserve banks!getting it back was a red flag about our financial health!

          • raysusan49

            Sooo you actually think he got all his money from the gold he stole from the countries he invaded? That’s nice. But before he ever stepped foot out of Germany he rebuilt a lot of that country and the military back up from destitution with the help from many of his American friends. Many like Ford and others continued even during the war. BTW it wasn’t in The Federal Reserve Bank. It was in the Union Bank that was shut down and the money confiscated under the Trading With Enemy Act. G.W. Bush’s grandfather Prescott Bush was the Director. The actual gold went to Switzerland for exchange.

      • Rockyballbuster

        The Soviets attacked Finland because of their concern with the proximity of the Finn border with the city of Leningrad.

        • The Soviets invaded Poland because they wanted a piece of the pie. There were no altruistic motivations, and they committed atrocities every bit as heinous as the Germans.

          At least the Nazis stabbed Poland in the gut, not in the back like the Soviets did.

        • Rockyballbuster

          The primary concern of the Soviets was the proximity of Leningrad to the Finnish border, as it was just 20 miles away.

  • Lavalamp009

    Russian are insane, absolutely insane, even with today technologies and advancement in military I would still doubt a successful aggressor could overtake all of Russia.

  • DoctorFeelgoodMD

    War is hell and it’s always the people (civilians) that suffer the most. Look at what Russia is currently doing in Syria, bombing anything that moves.

  • DoctorFeelgoodMD

    War is hello and it’s always the people (civilians) that suffer the most.
    Look at what Russia is currently doing in Syria, bombing anything that

    • raysusan49

      Seriously?? They’re bombing ISIS. Sure can tell the western only MSM viewers.

      • DoctorFeelgoodMD

        Wow, are you ever brainwashed!! Putin has bombed schools, hospitals, stores, residences and have killed thousands and thousands of innocent people. Video doesn’t lie. What is MSM? Time to get educated and stop living in a lie.

        • raysusan49

          Russia is an ally of Syria and is acting at the request of Syria against an enemy ISIS that ‘we’ created. Seems you’re calling me brainwashed but ‘we’ sure have killed many more….. in the millions at last count…..and have displaced even more ppl in the ME over illegal wars we were lied into. Seems you’re the one stuck on stupid. You don’t even know what MSM means…hahaha…and you’re telling me …”to get educated.” Oh man that’s rich. lol lol

          • DoctorFeelgoodMD

            Felling better now Vlad? Childish misfit of the damned.

          • raysusan49

            Yes I am feeling much better now. It’s always gratifying to commit a few simple well established truths into words on some random thread and reduce a little brainless twit into replying in such a manner as above. BTW did you ever figure out what MSM means?

  • ItsMikey

    I visited Piskaryovskoye Memorial Cemetery in 1979, where 420,000 victims of the siege are buried in over 180 mass graves. One of the saddest places on earth, and the memory still brings me to tears.

  • The Soviets invaded Poland because they wanted a piece of the pie. The were not motivated by altruism, and they committed atrocities every bit as heinous as the Germans.

    At least the Nazis stabbed Poland in the gut, not in the back like the Soviets did.

  • chucky2a

    You know, a lot is made of the fact that the soviet citizens were tougher, and all of that, however, the American soldier is tougher than all of them. Or, at least, the American soldier of ‘yesterday’ was. Today’s soldiers are still pretty tough, but, the imam in Washington has pussified as many of the army’s people as he can. He has done everything in his power to weaken America so that he can bring in his so called refugees in and turn them into his own private army. Yes, the soviets were slaughtered by the thousands, but, then, what could they do? Even those who were evacuated eventually died, so, what’s the point?

    Neville Chamberlain’s legacy is tainted by the war because hitler was a liar, from the very beginning. Churchill, regardless of his shortcomings, led the people of the British Empire in a time of great crisis. People want to pick and choose their heroes, and it just doesn’t work that way.
    Americans can be tough today, although, just too many of them have been brainwashed to believe that crap they read in the media, not to mention the tv shows and those wierdos in Hollywood… (Hollywierd, that is.)

    • carllarsen

      “Imam in Washington” LOL, what a putz. your ignorance is astounding

      • chucky2a

        In other words, carllarsen, you’re busily drinking obuma’s koolaid while supporting killer and the rest of the democraps. The republicans are not perfect either, BUT, they haven’t been selling us down the river like the imam and his puppets… Of course, considering that the information about the imam is the only thing you noticed, I am somehow not surprised that you would label me a putz…

    • DylanMcD

      You’re a fucking moron. The Soviets endured more than we ever did and still do. You think the average middle class American could deal with the standard of living in Russia today? Doubtful. Those people have centuries of knowledge built up on how to survive hardship. The best we have is Great Depression survivors and frontiersmen which, while great, is nothing compared to the hundreds of years that the Russians have languished under oppressive rulers both home grown (Putin, Stalin, Tsars) and foreign (Ottoman invasion, Tatar yoke, etc).

      • Richard M

        So because Americans haven’t created such an oppressed culture as was seen during the communism heyday that means Americans are weak? Or are they strong because they didn’t put themselves in that situation in the first place? Or, more likely, are the people in both countries resilient and strong in their own way (governments and politics removed from the equation)?

        • DylanMcD

          Listen, I love our history and admire our people. The generation that bore the brunt of the Depression and WWII truly earned the title of “greatest.”

          But strength is built and learned in the face of great adversity. We simply haven’t faced as much suffering in this country. I’m eternally grateful for the wise men and women that have helped us be better, safer, and more comfortable; but I think it’s important to recognize that others, especially the Russians, have seen more hardship and developed greater resilience.

    • duke_of_omnium

      What were you like before tertiary syphilis destroyed your intellect?

      • chucky2a

        Pretty much like what YOU are now…

        • duke_of_omnium

          That’s a shame. From my intellect to yours is a gruesomely steep decline. I’m sorry for you.

          • chucky2a

            Yes, like most other democraps, you have to stoop to name calling to make your point, or, in this case, belittling the person who disagrees with you. You have my sympathy for your stupidity, but, that’s all.

          • duke_of_omnium

            actually, you belittle yourself far beyond my poor power to add or detract. I’m just pointing it out, and searching for a plausible explanation.

    • Mahks Von Aye

      Hitler was not a liar..the British were hitker was willing to keep every promise he ever made by the warmongers in England, France and America wanted war so the only way they could get it was through manipulation of poland by using its unhinged self declared leader Marshal Edward Rydz-Smigly

      DO research

      Cause these anti hitker, anti Germany lies are being torn down by people doing research who find out the truth

  • resedaman

    Listen to Schostikovichs electrifying 7th “Leningrad” Symphony,.written while he was there during the seige

  • Paul Michaelis

    I visited the cemetary outside of Leningrad during the 70s. They had constructed mounds where each months dead were buried without individual markers, there were 1,000,000+ buried in these mounds.

  • Герман Максименко

    You will not understand the Russians. Even those foreigners who live long in Russia, do not understand us. You have to be born here. Soak up this air, water, history. Empires arose and collapsed, and Russia stands. We even converted Christianity for ourselves. Our Bolshoi Theater is older than the US.))) Come, walk along our streets, talk to people. We are kind and friendly. We quickly forgive resentment, but never forgive betrayal. Come over. Talk to people, walk the streets, breathe in our air. You can not talk about Russia across the ocean.)))