WWII Nazis Who Are Still Living…And Free

Gerhard Sommer. LifeZette

The Second World War was fought over 70 years ago. Surprisingly, some of the men still living are wanted for war crimes, yet after all this time they continue to avoid serving jail time. Below are men who allegedly committed horrific crimes during World War II, but continue to live as free citizens.

Gerhard Sommer Pillaged An Entire Village And Went Free

Gerhard Sommer was born in June of 1921 near Zwickau in Saxony, Germany. Young Sommer, like many of his peers, became a member of the Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth). He did well and earned the rank of Jungzugführer in the Deutsche Jungvolk. By 1939, at the age of 18, Sommer joined the Nazi Party. Not long after that, he enlisted in the Waffen-SS. He was wounded in battle after fighting in Ukraine and the Balkans, and was consequently awarded an Iron Cross 2nd class. When he recovered, he set his sights higher.

Sommer put his name forth for the rank of SS-Reserveführer. After a successful promotion, he trained in Proschnitz, just south of where he grew up. By late January 1944, Sommer made another career advancement. He was made a SS-Untersturmführer and thus served as a Zugführer and later a Kompanieführer in the 7th Kompanie des II Bataillons/SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment 35. On August 19, 1944 he was awarded another Iron Cross; this time it was not 2nd, but 1st class.

Tuscan village of Sant’Anna di Stazzema, where a massacre took place in 1944. Peter Schaefer, CC

His claim to notoriety is linked to his probable involvement in the massacre of 560 people. Throughout Europe, near the war’s end, there are a number of stories about Nazi soldiers who unleashed a wrath of fury through committing heinous acts. Atrocities against entire villages sometimes left every villager dead. The motive is most often cited as anger over the war’s end. If so, Sommer is not an exception. He is thought to be one of the soldiers who in early August 1944 entered the picturesque hillside Tuscan village of Sant’Anna di Stazzema, where, along with other German troops commanded byAnton Galler, gathered those living there and murdered them.

Every non-soldier there that morning was locked into one of several barns and stables normally used for farming. Swiftly, they carried out executions. In other instances in Europe when this happened, women and children were locked in churches, which were burned while the men of the village were made to stay outside the church where they were executed. The village priest, Fiore Menguzzo was shot at point-blank range. The victims included at least 107 children, and 8 pregnant women. At the end, the lifeless bodies were piled into the church and burned. Sommer was tried in Italy and convicted. He has yet to stand trial in Germany, where he still lives today.


  • svlemur

    Any WWII War Criminals would be in their 90s by now. Hard to imagine many would be held competant to stand trial, much less survive to sentencing. Hopefully, not much resources being spent. Better spent caring for the remaining victims and veterens.

    • wytzox1

      Still there should be no statute of limitations for war crimes even if they’re old and feeble. Yet they’ll probably soon die as this debate rages on. ♣

      • Ray Kaczar

        These people were defending their country in my eyes, the Zionist Jews oppressed Germany, from Britain. Just like they did to Japan. They never wanted this war, the war treaty of ww1 was designed to fail.Zionist Jews wrote the history, Do the poor Zionist Jews ever complain about the 60 Million Christians they killed in Russia?

        • wytzox1

          Sorry but sending innocent women and children to death camps is not “defending their country” and you indeed have a deranged idea of the truth. Heinous War Crimes cannot be justified by “defending their country” or “just following orders.” The Axis countries started the war. They were the aggressors, not the defenders. Were the Japanese who bombed Pearl Harbor merely “defending their country” when USA hadn’t even entered the war yet? Perhaps you can indeedexplain how that is also the fault of those “Zionist Jews” who seem to be your scapegoats in your eyes. tsk tsk tsk … ♣

          • Jeffery Jelinski

            Just gonna say. Look up the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere. Do a little research about the West’s political stance towards Japan and the situation they were driven towards. Also, look up the treaty of Versailles. I don’t buy into all this crazy anti-zionist baloney, but blaming the Allied powers for a lot of WW2 is not unfounded.

          • Kenneth Jackson

            Here’s the kicker ! Winners write the History don’t they. There were War Crimes on all sides by all Partakers. Just some more then others. Yet to this day it still happening World Wide !!

          • Dave

            Actually, the Japanese WHERE defending their country! The United state’s had them under an embargo , withholding ships loaded with oil and food they needed to live if I’m correct! And for the record, I had family on both sides of the European theater, in the Germans defence, the Jews in Germany were FAR from innocent! It’s amazing how a distorted history written by US, the victors, tells so little of the truth!

          • wytzox1

            Dave ~> Didn’t your teachers ever teach you the difference between WHERE and WERE? BTW the dad of a good friend of mine had his 1st wife and daughters killed by nazis. He was a Polish Jew. Jews throughout Europe were killed by nazis although convicted of no crime but you kjust continue to believe your white supremicist BS … ♣…

    • Jimmy

      wow! you’re a genious! I thought they would be in their 20s


    the Lithuanians were the victims of Jewish Bolshevik red terror. They were supplied by the Germans and fought the Jew Soviets independently as did the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia, and the Finn’s.

    • happygael

      Jews were being slaughtered by Soviet soldiers. Russia and Germany were allies at the commencement of WW2. Your statement does not make sense.

  • happygael

    He was not true SS. Gestapo and Concebtration guards were merged with the Waffen SS for the war effortby Hitler to get more cannon fodder. I am a vet of that conflict. I served with the infantry in Europe during that war and also wa sa spectator at the war crimes trials.

    • Chris Ericksen

      happygael…….Thank You for your Service. God Bless


    What about George Soros?

    • Dmitch

      Dear Boob, Soros was 13 in 1944 and a jew.

      • Herb Wells

        And George Soros turned in family and friends to the Nazis for the price of cigarettes, and chocolate. He progressed into making money off of turning in fellow Jews. He was a collaborator. He sold out his own people.

        • tomjensen6

          How do you know? What do you base this on?

          • Jimmy

            he heard it on BBC

        • Jimmy

          how you know? you was there

    • tomjensen6

      What about sticking to the subject?

      • Florida-John Killin

        Yeah…stay on topic. Bill Clinton is a sexual predator.

  • Zilvinas Ramasauskas

    What a bullshit written there…Kaunasis…Russian from 1919 to 1939…Just laughing

  • Roger

    Mark A. Cooper. The author of the Edelweiss Pirates series, recently interviewed an ex Hitler Youth member who admitted slough he was only 15 did burn a home of a jewish family under orders with two other both members. The bodies of three children and a woman were discovered. The man who is now 87 says he was following orders. He is now under investigation and may have to stand trial, but because he was 15 and a minor he may get away with it.

  • Tex Wood

    The communists slaughtered over 200 million in the last century yet few, if any at all ever answered for their crimes.

    • Jimmy

      how you know? you was there or BBC told you so…

  • Jack H

    In the 1948 Auschwitz trials, Zafke and many other SS personnel were sentenced only because they were part of the SS. It didn’t matter what concentration camp you worked in (if at all). Therefore, it’s not illegal for him to stand trial again as an accessory to murder of 3,681 people in his month long Auschwitz stay.

    He also worked in 2 different concentration camps (Sachsenhausen and Neuengamme) as mentioned in the article. I wonder why he hasn’t been charged as an accessory to murder for those camps.

  • Kevin Dye

    My mum’s house (attachment) was bombed by the nazi’s. She was only a little girl, the horrors she saw the next day on the way to school no small child should see. >:(