5 Incredible Confessions in True Crime History

James Brewer. Crime Magazine

2. James Brewer

In the 1970s James Brewer shot and killed his neighbor Jimmy Carroll when he thought he was trying to seduce his wife. When Brewer was granted bail, he fled town with his wife and they started a new life together under new names.

After Brewer had a stroke he decided he wanted to come clean about what he had done. His wife brought police to what they thought was his death bed and he told them what he had done. The only problem? Brewer didn’t die. When he was released from the hospital, he surrendered himself to police.

Friends of the family who knew Brewer and his wife from church said they were incredibly devoted to their faith. One even stated, “they’ve been in their own prison for thirty years. I think they’ve done their time.”

Brewer obviously thought otherwise since he made the confession at what he thought was the end of his life. He wife acted as his “translator” since the stroke affected his speech. Definitely file this one under strange confession.


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    Bundy confessed and was willing to show the police where he hide the bodies in an attempt to delay his death, he did not come clean he only admitted a few things promising to give more later, eventually Florida carried out justice