20 Images of Corporal Wojtek, the Polish Bear and Hero of WWII.

Wojtek and his comrade. thechive

Corporal Wojtek Perski was a Syrian Brown Bear and a hero of World War II. In 1942, Wojtek was purchased by the 22 Transport Company, Artillery Division, II Corp of the Polish Army in Iran. As a small cub, the soldiers fed Wojtek condensed milk from a bottle. As Wojtek grew up, he developed a taste for beer, wine, and cigarettes.

Wojtek had his first brush with valor, while still in Iran, when he captured a thief who had broken into an ammunitions compound where he was sleeping. The ensuing commotion allowed the human soldiers to come and arrest the thief.

As the 22 Transport Company prepared to enter the war zone in Italy in 1943, the soldiers and Wojtek encountered a logistical problem. Animals were not allowed to accompany the army during conflict. To resolve this issue, the Company gave Wojtek a salary in the paybook, an official rank of Private, and a serial number. Wojtek became an enlisted soldier.

The Polish II Corp was tasked with breaking the Nazi defenses at Monte Cassino. During the conflict, Wojtek was at the artillery firing line and was seen moving crates of ammunition from the trucks to the cannon lines. He was not dissuaded by the sounds of war. The Poles were successful in taking the Nazi stronghold.

After the battle,Wojtek was promoted to Corporal. The 22 Transport Company was also permitted to change their official badge to a silhouette of Wojtek holding an artillery shell.

On November 15, 1947, with the war over, Wojtek was given to the Edinburgh Zoo where he lived out the rest of his days in peace. Wojtek died in December, 1963, at the age of 21.

In the Spring of 1942, a group of Polish soldiers came across a little bear (Syrian brown bear) in the mountainous region of Persia (modern day Iran). The cub was an orphan following the death of his mother at the hands of hunters. thechive
The bear was taken to the 22nd Transport Company, Artillery Division, Polish 2nd Corp where the men would become his companions for the next few years. He was given the name Wojtek (Walt). thechive
Wojtek as a cub in Palestine. Pinterset
Wojtek would attract attention and his antics would cause a sensation as he loved to entertain people. thechive
In Iran, Wojtek became a hero one night by capturing a thief who had broken into an ammunition compound where the bear was sleeping. thechive
Wojtek and a trainer. Wikipedia
Two of his closest friends were two young soldiers, Dymitr Szawlugo and Henryk Zacharewicz. the chive
Wojtek wtih Dymitr Szawlugo and Henryk Zacharewicz. thechive
Wojtek playing. thechive