20 Amazing Photos Of Soldiers and Pets In Combat Zones


Wars, especially those in the past were the last places where you would expect to see even the most subtle displays of love. In fact, one would barely expect soldiers to be able to spend quality time with their pets.

Animals in the military, particularly dogs, are usually used for combat purposes while others such as horses offer the convenience of transport. In some cases, soldiers used birds such as pigeons to communicate vital information between camps. However, some photos demonstrate that some soldiers did keep pets just for company. Below are some images that capture the rare, peaceful moments when soldiers were allowed to take a momentary break from the harsh realities of battle with a special friend.

An American soldier in 1942 shakes hands with a Joey who seems slightly shy.
This photo taken in Russia in 1945 shows a puppy looking very cozy between the two solders.
This soldier and his dog were unknowingly photographed in Okinawa in 1945.
This photo taken in Tunisia in 1943 shows an American soldier washing a puppy in a helmet.

The year is 1944, and a soldier decided to take a break from the Battle of Saipan to share a banana with a goat.
A stray dog sympathizes with a wounded soldier in 1944.
A soldier feeding a kitten.
Dog keeps watch over sleeping soldier in the battlefield during World War II.
This soldier shares a happy moment as he poses for the camera with his pet pig in France during World War II.
This photo taken in 1968 depicts a solder looking distraught though while holding his puppy dearly.
A solder giving his dog a bath in 1918.
This photo taken during the Vietnam War shows a soldier feeding his dog.
A German soldier feeds his puppy.
An American soldier carries a puppy in his pocket during the Vietnam War.
A soldier carrying a donkey on his back during World War II.
A soldier playing with two kittens in a field.
A photo of a German soldier reading a message while his dog keeps a watchful eye over the battlefield.